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General Enquiries

  • What is AVITRUM?

    AVITRUM is the first architecturally-inspired outdoor kitchen that allows cooking, not just grilling, to be done outdoors. The kitchen has been developed for professional use and each and every one is an individual creation. The design has been inspired from the natural beauty of the outdoors and handcrafted in Germany.

  • What is so special about the design of AVITRUM?

    At AVITRUM we have fused flawless design with unparalleled performance. Each one of our kitchens is unique in its design. Each one of our kitchens is crafted from exceptional materials, professional grade appliances, award winning design and is engraved with the exact coordinates of your outstanding place. The result is the creation of a place where guests and chefs are brought together to enjoy the luxury of entertainment and catering under the stars, transforming outdoor dining. The AVITRUM design and form are protected by copyright laws.

  • Why has AVITRUM been developed??

    A culinary experience is much more than the pure enjoyment of very good food. This also includes an elegant feel-good atmosphere – this is exactly what AVITRUM was developed for. It gives pleasure a completely new dimension. The OpenSky kitchen is like an open-air stage for your cooking talents. Your guests and cooks will love it.

  • For whom have we created AVITRUM?

    Manufactured by professionals for professionals and ambitious hobby chefs who want to spoil their guests with culinary delights at outstanding places, Whether in a Michelin-starred restaurant, an award-winning hotel, an exclusive club, on the back of a luxury yacht or within a private residence, AVITRUM performs outstandingly. AVITRUM kitchens guarantee chefs a seamless work-flow and enduring reliability for high-performance environments. Our OpenSky kitchens form the perfect stage for showcasing the fine art of cooking for your guests. For whom have we created AVITRUM? – For people who love and live the unique.

  • How did the idea with the coordinates come about?

    Every place in the world has its own coordinates, which make it unique and are signs of individuality for us. That’s why we record the coordinates of the place where an AVITRUM is located on your OpenSky Kitchen.

  • How have we created AVITRUM?

    Since 2009 AVITRUM has been over 5 years in development and within that period many subject matter experts have been consulted. It has been brought to the market for the new trend in outdoor kitchens. Internationally renowned chefs have been consulted to ensure that AVITRUM meets the rigorous demands of high-class gastronomy. Material technology experts have been involved in the choice of AVITRUM’s material finishes, ensuring not only beauty but longevity. These consultants have then combined their experience with our Swiss design partners, Designstudio Greutman & Bolzem, to create something which has never been so elegantly done before.

  • What does AVITRUM do?

    Essentially AVITRUM is a professional grade kitchen that has been weather proofed to withstand the spectrum of weather conditions. The materials, appliances and covering technologies have been designed specifically for the challenges of the outdoor environment. What additionally delineates AVITRUM is its utterly unique and beautiful form, turning a kitchen, something that is usually viewed as a purely functional product, into something that can form the cen-trepiece of an outdoor environment.

  • Can AVITRUM kitchens remain outdoors the entire year?

    AVITRUM OpenSky Kitchens are, as the name suggests, built for the outdoors. Whether in the mountains by a ski chalet, by the coast or on the roof terrace of a luxury hotel, the kitchen can always remain outside.

  • Can AVITRUM cater for the demands of high volume catering?

    Yes. The exact numbers of guests that can be catered for depends on a number of factors, not least of all the menu being created, however our professional catering consultant has ensured that this product can perform exceptionally well at this level.

  • Can an AVITRUM be used within an indoor environment?


  • What materials are used to make an AVITRUM?

    The body of an AVITRUM is made of highquality GRP – a glass fibre reinforced plastic. The same material is also used to build luxury yachts and is therefore guaranteed light and weather resistant. Our specialists have many years of experience within the super-yacht buidling industry, which is reflected in AVITRUM kitchens. The body or hull fibreglass is completely weather resistant and is manufactured to resist the aggressive effects of UV-exposure. The body can be finished in any conceivable colour and a multitude of finishes including high-gloss, matt, irredescent, pearlesence and shimmering metallic. The crown which completes the AVITRUM, its work surface, can be crafted from a range of luxurious materials including ceramic, teak, oak, glass, granite, lava stone and stainless steel.

  • How big is the AVITRUM?

    All models incorporate the unique curved design however the square footprints of the AVITRUMS are:
    – AV 250 (ca. 2.80 m)
    – AV 350 (ca. 3.60 m)
    – AV 450 (ca. 4.40 m)
    – AV 600 (ca. 6.10 m)

  • How much does an AVITRUM kitchen weigh?

    Depending on the choice of work surface and appliances, an AVITRUM will weigh between 250 kg and 800 kg.

  • Is there a mobile option??

    Every AVITRUM OpenSky Kitchen can be planned and used mobile by attaching heavy duty rollers (due to its own weight).

  • Does AVITRUM fulfil the hygiene standards required within professional catering establishments?

    Our OpenSky kitchens can be manufactured in line with the German Institute for Standards’ hygiene regulations, Equipment for commercial kitchens – food distribution equipment – Part 9: Equipmentinsides in basic and hygiene version (DIN 18865-9:1997). AVITRUM is manufactured to level H1 as standard and up to H3 upon request.

  • What is an AVITRUM unable to do?

    Due to our ability to produce bespoke solutions, we don’t yet know! Challenge us with your unique and individual requirements.

Order Processing

  • How can I purchase an AVITRUM?

    You can contact us directly by either telephone or email. If you would like we are more than happy to communicate with your architect, designer or assistant. Once we have an initial idea of your requirement we will create initial proposals for your individual and unique AVITRUM OpenSky Kitchens.

  • How does the planning and quotation phase for my AVITRUM work?

    We will take up your ideas for your AVITRUM in personal discussions on the basis of an extensive checklist, explaining all available material and equipment alternatives, equipment details, the necessary connections and their values. If required, a surface model will help you to find the exact positioning at a later date. All this provides the basis for your individual planning document for checking, supplementing or modifying.

  • What appliances can be included in an AVITRUM?

    We have invested a huge amount of resources into developing a range of outdoor appliances with a leading internatioanl appliance manufacturer. The list of appliances we are able to offer is huge and allows the ability to create all variations on international cuisine. We have, in consultation with our Michelin-starred chef, created a number of set-ups to perfectly cater for specific cuisines and ease the decision making process for our clients. Kitchen appliances can also be ordered from us in the highest quality stainless steel (316 Marine grade stainless steel). Personalised appliance setups are also possible and can include, but are not limited to:
    – Pasta cookers
    – Inductions hobs
    – Roasting units
    – Grilling appliances
    – Teppanyaki plates
    – Wok hobs
    – Warming and cooling drawers
    – Chilled drinks cabinets
    – Additional plug sockets for mobile appliances (e. g. hand-blenders)

  • How is my individual offer for my AVITRUM created?

    From the final planning document, which we prepare with your help, your concrete offer is created, including all equipment specified in the planning, delivery period, preparation of connections, delivery logistics, payment modalities, etc.

  • How long does it take to order an AVITRUM?

    From point of ordering until delivery we recommend a planning time of around 8 weeks. This includes the confirmatory design phase, manufacturing and delivery. It should be noted that with certain bespoke requirements this timeframe may be extended.

  • How is the AVITRUM delivered and installed?

    AVITRUM is delivered as a completed unit which has a simply designed service connection interface. We will work with your inhouse engineering team to ensure that the service point (gas, electricity, water and waste) is completed to allow a very clean and simple installation of the AVITRUM. Once the service point is completed on-site the AVITRUM can be delivered, installed and commissioned within a day, hence reducing the impact on your outstanding location. Depending on your wishes it is possible for us to supply the AVITRUM with self-contained water and gas supplies, thus reducing the need for on-site service works.

Maintenance | Care

  • How is the maintenance and care of my AVITRUM carried out?

    With your AVITRUM you will receive precise care instructions for all components. In addition, we offer additional maintenance and care contracts, which are carried out by our local partners.

  • Are there any recommended cleaning agents and care devices?

    We recommend that cleaning and care be carried out regularly only with professional cleaning agents. For this purpose we offer a complete care set with instructions for use or supplies it as part of the maintenance and care agreement.


  • What guarantee do we offer?

    Guarantee is a voluntary service of the manufacturer and should not be confused with legal warranty! We offer our customers guarantees that go far beyond what is legally required:

    10 years warranty Cast stainless steel burners, stainless steel gratings and stainless steel housings
    5 years warranty Body, stainless steel grills
    2 years warranty Side burners and all other grill components
    1 year warranty All electronic components and devices, provided that the product manufacturer does not give any further warranty promises.

    The warranty begins on the day of installation and acceptance of your AVITRUM.