Luxury OpenSky Kitchen

Redefining open-air luxury.

With OpenSky kitchens, AVITRUM has created exceptional outdoor kitchens
for the truly outstanding places of the world. Inspired by the allure of these locations
they are uniquely personalised for exclusive individuals.
Handcrafted in Germany

You are truly unique.

Exclusivity and Individuality. Two immeasurable values,
formed into one singular entity in the open-air:
OpenSky kitchens by AVITRUM.

You are truly unique.

Where would you position your AVITRUM? The coordinates
of this outstanding place will be forever recorded in the unique engraving.

You are truly unique.


Inspiration: True magic.

Ideas are born from inspiration. Fostered from the smell
of a fresh breeze, a new sound or a magical place.
Follow us to such enchanted places.

Freedom: let your spirit soar.

Without walls there are only breathtaking views. Without a roof
there are only the stars as our ceiling. We have created AVITRUM
for such places. Let your imagination run free.

Form: as if created by nature.

Nature’s architecture is outstanding. Nature’s creations
are eternally unique. We have captured this beauty and
its fluid forms and bound them within AVITRUM.

Materials: form becomes reality.

The sensitivity of touch. The feeling of exclusivity pulses through your fingertips.
What is your dream material? The timelessness of natural stone or beautiful wood?
The modern feel of stainless steel or the honed beauty of architectural concrete?
Perhaps the infinte design-freedom of super-yacht grade fibreglass?

Colours: Life’s palette.

Colours encapsulate the world. Emotions, moods, feelings – life is
so much more than black and white. Which colours personify
your character and allow your personality to shine?

Appliances: Pure energy.

Burning red that glows from its very core. Primitive yet alluring.
A moment in which energy, in its purest form, presents itself.
Whether gas, coal or electric: our professional appliances will always perform spectacularly.

Refinement: The last step towards perfection.

Whether using precious gemstones, timeless engravings or emotive lighting that
frames your AVITRUM against the night.
We will provide your OpenSky kitchen with the individuality it is worthy of.


Outstanding kitchens for outstanding places.

AVITRUM OpenSky kitchens. Redefining open-air luxury.
Handcrafted in Germany.

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